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Frankfurt Airport’s closest shuttle parking service

Travels begin and end at the parking lot. At parkobello, we want your time with us to be fun and relaxed.

With our dynamic prices, we aim to be the cheapest shuttle service.

Parkhaus An der Gehespitz 75

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The benefits of parking with parkobello

How to find us

Our shuttle Service

Parking compound to Terminal 1:

The first shuttle of the day at 02:15
The last shuttle of the day at 00:45

Terminal 1, P29 to Parking Compound:

Every XX:15 and XX:45
The first shuttle of the day at 02:15
The last shuttle of the day at 00:45

Travelling to/from Terminal 2: Take the bus or Skyline to Terminal 11

  • Bus: 24 hours a day – departs every 10 mins
  • Skyline: 5:00-23:00 – departs every 4 mins

What Else You Need To Know

The shuttle bus departs from the compound at on the hour and half of every hour. 

The shuttles depart from P29, located on the arrivals level of terminal one (follow signs to the Medical Centre), at 15 and 45 minutes past every hour.

Please note:

  • the last trip to the airport is at 00:30, and the last trip from the airport to the parking compound is at 00:45!
  • there are no trips from 01:00 to 02:00 as the bus is being refuelled and cleaned.

The parking garage has covered parking from floors -1 to 12, the top two floors are uncovered. We cannot guarantee a covered space.

The shuttle bus drops off and picks up customers at P29 on the arrivals level of Terminal 1. 

No, our shuttle service is only to Terminal 1 due to reconstruction and building work in Terminal 2. 

Transfer to terminal 2 via the airport’s system (Skyline or buses

 Skyline can be found: 

  • Terminal 1, A/Z (Transit area) 
  • Terminal 1, B/C (Entrance over the Departure Hall B, second level)
  • Terminal 1, C (Transit area) 
  • Terminal 2, D/E (Entrance over the Shopping Plaza, third level)

Bookings can be made up to 12 hours in advance of your arrival. If you would like to book within 12 hours, call us at 0800 5893834 and we will try and accommodate you.

Reservations include a shuttle seat for four individuals. Every additional traveller is €10 more.

  • The parking compound is open 24 hours a day, accessed by a license plate recognition barrier system.  
  • The shuttle service runs from 02:00 am to 01:00 am every day, 365 days a year. 
  • From 01.00 am – 02.00 am we are refueling, cleaning and maintaining hour shuttle bus

A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged if the customer cancels less than 48 hours before the commencement of the Contract.

Cancellation under 24 hours before booking commencement, Parkobello will retain 100% of the parking fee.

If you have purchased flex insurance, your vehicle will be able to exit within 24 hours after your original return date.  

If you wish to cancel – please do so by emailing to ensure you 100% money-back guarantee.

If you want to extend your booking, you will be charged 20 euros for every additional 24 hours. 

You can pay via EC or credit card at the exit barrier.

Each booking has a three-hour grace period before being charged an overstay fee of €20.

OUR TIP! Book Flex-Insurance for a 24 grace period! It is only €7.50.

No, we are a cashless business.  

All bookings must be prepaid by booking online. If you have overstayed your reservation you need to pay for additional parking days via EC or Credit Card to pay at the exit barrier.

We charge €10.00 for oversized bags such as golf bag, animal kennel, ski or snowboard bag, or surfboard.

We have large shuttle buses with room for all our customers leaving every half an hour. 

No, German law does not require child seats in our type of shuttle bus. 

Yes, our shuttles accommodate wheelchairs. 

Yes, we have one handicapped space. Please call ahead to ensure it is reserved for your booking. 

No, we do not collect keys. 

Please contact us for this type of booking as several outdoor spaces accommodate larger vehicles.

If there are no parking spaces, please park in our designated overflow spaces: drive out of the compound and park to the right of the exit barrier in the covered area. Leave your keys in an envelope provided next to the drop-box. Fill in the envelop details and place it in the secure box. Please call our hotline to ensure we are informed that your keys have been left. Our manager will contact you about picking up your vehicle. 

Hotline: 0800 5893834 or +49 32213222034 (for international customers)

Hotline: 0800 5893834 or +49 32213222034 (for international customers)

10 minutes from car to terminal

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